About us

We create a comprehensive Business Management System that provides a solution for all these issues and challenges. We help business owners create systems and processes with the right metrics, i.e. the measurement parameters and set up an accountability structure such that the employees who were earlier not delivering results start delivering the results you want (quality and quantity delivered on time – every time).
In our half-day workshop we will take you through the science of setting up a system such that it stays in place and works even if you are not there.

We guarantee that your business will run on “autopilot” mode using a Systems approach such that you can run your business operations working One day a week. And we create a sales engine that will double your profits in six months or less. This shall help you:

  • Double your profit (We do not focus on revenues, but pure profits!)
  • Total control
  • Gain peace of mind

Results of the workshop

Typically, most business owners want to grow their business and although they have a sense of what to do and in some cases how to do it, they are still not able to implement it and most important to sustain it.

To address this Rahul Jain, Business Coach is conducting a workshop. At the end of this workshop the participants will have a clear understanding and a clearly defined action plan to achieve the following results:

Run your business operations working one day a week

  • How to set up systems so that the Business works and you don’t have to work.
  • Your team delivers the result you want, every time, without having to chase them!
  • While you are in total control of every aspect of your business!
  • All employees become replaceable i.e. No problems if anybody leaves.
  • Imagine, you will be free from operations for 5 days a week.
  • No phone calls, no e-mail.
  • Total peace of mind.
  • Finally, you will have free time to focus on Business growth and personal time freedom.

Double your profits every year

  • Build the 3 fundamentals of a winning marketing campaign.
  • Create an unlimited Market Budget.
  • Wipe out all competition, putting yourself in a different league where competition does not matter.
  • Understanding that it is impossible to grow sales by asking your sales team to Increase No. of Clients or by setting revenue (Rs) targets.
  • How to increase the results from your existing sales team by more than 100%.
  • How to make it Rain Referrals.
  • How to set up a regular supply of fresh prospects.
  • Finally, discover the 5 critical parameters, which will Double your sales in a year.
  • Create a Sales Engine which will sustain this growth in Sales.