Technology Master Class - August'20

Technology Master Class | Online

August 25, 2020 To September 22, 2020 | 09:30 AM To 02:00 PM


95000 55000

GST @18% to be charged extra.

In this Masterclass you will learn how to :


  1. Get all planned work done on time using complete individual task planner.

  2. Eradicate the problem of slow google sheets by never opening a sheet again.

  3. Eliminate the friction of marking tasks on FMS/Checklists or any other systems.

  4. Supercharge your process coordinator through powerful dashboards and automatic follow ups.

  5. Create an internal Whatsapp bot that answers almost any question a doer may have.

  6. Never miss a single Complaint/Query/Feedback/Sales Order from your customer

  7. Automate and optimize Internal Help Tickets to minimize delays.

  8. Abolish payment over dues from your customers due to lack of follow up.

  9. Get rid of stock outs by automating your inventory data management   

  10. Automate induction and training of new and existing doer

  11. Automate learning in your organization using technology so that no one has to ask the same question again.

  12. Use the power of Whatsapp to boost your communication with your customers and your doers.

  13. Heard of eCommerce? We will introduce you to chat commerce, the new way of business.

  14. Get a multifold increase in chances of converting a prospect into a client whenever and wherever you meet them.

  15. Automatically get unlimited leads from the internet everyday

  16.  Implement paperless approval systems

  17. Woo you customers by handling all after sales inquiries within minute.

  18. Find emails of your prospects without spending hours

  19. Never lose a sale by not being able to respond on time by using a tool to track emails from B2B platforms like IndiaMart, Tradeindia, ExportersIndia etc.

  20. Enjoy the power of media by getting attention of thousands of Journalists who are looking for stories of people like you

  21. Spy on your competition by using the power of Google.

  22. Know each and everything the internet is saying about you by capturing all the reviews/articles from any website or social media.

  23. Find bottlenecks by simulating any of your business proces

  24. Raise help tickets using Whatsapp

  25. Create Apps within minutes using your Google Sheets or Google Forms.


And all the other things which will make you increase the potential and momentum of your autopilot